Top 10 Dividend Paying Stocks in India

If you are on a journey of Top 10 Dividend Paying Stocks in india 2022 then you jump to the right page. Here we are trying to tell you the Best Dividend Payment Stocks in India from 2022. Sometimes there is a fall in the market but some company also gives profit, there is pressure on the stock, but this company gives profit in the form of dividend. So, without further delay, Let’s get started-

What Are Dividend Stocks

Dividend shares are usually well-established companies with a history of distributing profits back to shareholders. Profit can be defined as a reward for publicly listed companies that transfer to their shareholders.

Such prizes can be cash, cash equivalent, shares, etc. and are usually paid in the remaining portion of the benefit once significant costs have been met.

Buying dividend stocks can be a great way for investors who want to generate income or for those who just want to build wealth by reinvesting shares.

Therefore, in the course of this article, we will try to find the Top 10 Dividend Paying Stocks in India.

Top 10 Dividend Paying Stocks in India table

SL. noCompany NameMarket Cap
1 Bharat Petroleum75,718 Cr.
2Cheviot Company 697 Cr.
3PNB Gilts1,118 Cr.
4Goodyear India Ltd2,080 Cr.
5Aurum Proptech Ltd.339 Cr.
6Clariant Chemicals1,119 Cr.
7Abbott India37,428 Cr.
8Tech Mahindra 144,327 Cr.
9Nestle India170,148 Cr.
10UltraTech Cement174,689 Cr.
Top 10 Dividend Paying Stocks in India table

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Top 10 Dividend Paying Stocks in India

1. Bharat Petroleum:- In our view, the first explosive of  Top 10 dividend paying stocks is Bharat Petroleum which is one of the best company in India. Navratna Company of India PSU working on oil refining and marketing activities, BPCL is another company that should be consistent in issuing shares during the year. The budget announced for the previous financial year was 790%, amounting to Rs 79 per share. The last 5 year Dividend Yield of BPCL is 19.59%.

2. Cheviot Company:- Cheviot Company is the second best company in the list of Top 10 Dividend Paying Stocks. A Kolkata-based manufacturer and manufacturer of jute yarns and fabrics, Cheviot is also a captive power generation. Always paying dividends for the past five years, the company has issued high dividends at 1750%, up to Rs 175 per share, for the year ending March 2021.

3. PNB Gilts:- Company is ranked 3rd among our best dividend paying company. A leading seller in the government securities market, this fully owned company PNB Gilts has been announcing profits for the past five years without fail. For the year ending March 2021, it announced 100% shares, amounting to Rs 10 per share. The company PNB Gilts paid dividends of 15.07%.

4. Goodyear:- The number 4th company in our list is Goodyear india limited This company works in the sector of Tire & Rubber. The Goodyear company paid 1780% dividends, the price of Rs 178 at the end-of-year allocation and the annual yield ending March 2021. Goodyear dividend  yield of 17.82%.

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Aurum Proptech Ltd:- Housing-based technology company, Aurum Proptech has a good track record, having consistently announced the benefits of the past five years. The company announced 19,480% dividends for the year ending March 2021 – or Rs 974 per share, making it one of the highest dividends in India in 2021. Aurum Proptech Ltd. paid dividends of 554.04%.

Top 10 Dividend Paying Stocks in India

6. Clariant Chemicals:- A company in the dye and pork industry, Clariant has also been paying dividends every five years. paid dividends of 2050%, amounting to Rs 205 per share, for the year ending March 2021. Paid dividends for Clariant Chemicals by 41.72%.

7. Abbott India :- This is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India.

It is an Indian-owned American medical device company and healthcare company Abbott pharmaceuticals.

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Abbott India has 15+ products that are market leaders in their medical categories. One of Abbott India’s most widely used pharmaceutical products is Digene which treats tuberculosis or stomach problems.

Abbot has rewarded its shareholders 25 times since 1996. Abbott India share payments have grown by 47% over the past five years.

8. Tech Mahindra:- Tech Mahindra is an international IT services company in India and a consulting company.Established in 1986 as a joint venture with British Telecom, the company is part of the respected Mahindra group.

Tech Mahindra has been paying dividends to its shareholders since 2002. It has paid its largest share of Rs 45 per share for the 2021 financial year.

One share of Tech Mahindra has grown by 37.9% over the past five years.

9. Nestle India:- It is one of the largest Fast moving Consumer goods companies in India. Founded in 1956, it is India’s Swiss multinational conglomerate Nestle AG.

Nestle India has proven to be a steady income-generating company for its shareholders as it has paid dividends almost every year since 1994.

For the 2022 financial year, the company has paid two interim divisions of Rs 110 per share and Rs 25 per share.Nestle India share revenue has grown by 26% over the past five years.

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10. UltraTech Cement:- This is the largest manufacturer of cement products in India. Its product portfolio includes gray cement, white cement, and fine-grained concrete.

The company’s products are marketed through a strong distribution network of 1 lakh channel partners and 2,500 specialty product stores.

UltraTech share revenue has grown by 31.2% over the past five years.

Why is it a good idea to invest in Dividend Paying Stocks

If the Company regularly pays dividends it means that the company has strong cash flow and good business governance. Such companies are a gold mine for the investor. Investing in such companies is a good opportunity for an investor to have a consistent source of income without the gratitude of money. Ordinary shares can also help the investor avoid panic and book losses during the stock market crash. Before investing in any stock, you should invest only after taking complete information about that stock.

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I hope after reading our Top 10 Dividend Paying Stocks in India, you have got an idea about the direction in which the company will grow in the coming years. If you still have any question related to this article, then do not forget to tell in the comment. To stay updated with such important information related to Share Market, stay tuned with Market in India.

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