Best Stocks below Rs10 in India 2022

Best stocks below Rs10 in India 2022– Friends, today we are going to talk about the shares of 5 good companies in the Indian market trading under 10 rupees. However, of course, by investing in these shares, the shareholder sees the risk of loss much more than the expected return in a short time.

We will talk about 5 such stocks working in the future, whose share price is very low, and in the coming times, the business has full potential to show good growth. Let us know about these stocks in detail-

Best Stocks below Rs10 in India 2022

Rattan India Power:- If seen in the list of Best Stocks below Rs10 in India 2022, then the name of Rattan India Power, a company associated with the power sector, is the first to be seen. The present share price of Rattan India Power is about Rs.7.45. The present Market Cap of Rattan India Power is about Rs.4188.68cr.

The Promoters of this Company has around 44.19% of total shares present in the market. Rattan India Power was established in the Year 2007 to make most of the opportunities on the emerging opportunities in Power Sector. Rattan India Power has number of power projects which runs in district of Amravati. Rattan India Power also tries to establish Power projects of Thermal Power Projects and Hydro Power Projects in other districts of Pune. The PE ratio of Rattan India Power is lies around 20.65 which very high and overvalued.

The PE ratio of Rattan India Power helps us to measure that for every rupee of earnings how much people is willing to pay for some profits. Inventory turnover ratio of Rattan India Power is about 3.42 which very low and inefficient. Inventory turnover ratio is helps us to check the efficiency of liquidity of a Company Inventory.

Vikas Life care Ltd:- Company engage in the business of recycling plastic waste and manufacturing and trading of polymers Compounds. Vikas Life care Ltd. was established in the year 1995. Vikas Life care Ltd. has much more experience in the business of plastic waste manufacturing industries which helps them to export their products not only in India but transported in the Countries like Europe and America.

The present Market Cap of Vikas Life Care Ltd. is about Rs.735.37cr. The liabilities of Vikas Life Care Ltd. is around Rs.41.76cr. The promoters of this Company presently has around 14.81% of total shares which is available in the market for the stocks of Vikas Life Care Ltd which is around 20.09% of total shares till the financial year 2020. One of the worrying factor which revolves around your mind before doing investment in the shares of this Company is that the revenue growth of Vikas Life Care Ltd. is around -27.32% from last 3 financial year. The present share price of Vikas Life Care Ltd. is about 6.65.

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd:- JP Power Ventures Ltd. which earlier popularized as JP Hydro Power Ltd. has established in the year of 1994 in the kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. JP Power Ventures has number of other power plants in the states of Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh. Company with the help of its subsidiary company also established two new power plants in the states like Arunachal Pradesh. JP Power has collaboration with Aditya Birla Group for implementing more power Plants in the states of Madhya Pradesh. The present market cap of JP Power Ventures Ltd. is around Rs.6887.73cr but Company has a debt of Rs.5226.77cr. which still persist with them.

The profit Growth of JP Power Ventures Ltd. from last one financial year is too much incredible which about 110.45%. The present share price as of now is around Rs.9.55. If we talking about the Financials aspect of Company its look like that Company are little bit inefficient to make their need full fill as of now. But as the Investment Comes for this Company they have that capability to go further easily. The present promoters holding of JP Power Ventures is around 26.02%.

Best Stocks below Rs10 in India 2022

Stocks below Rs10

Bright Solar Ltd:- Company was incorporated in the year 2010 in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Bright Solar provides their services to the mankind through assembling the parts of DC and AC solar pumps with the brands like ‘PUMPMAN’. Company also provides their services in the form of Solar Pump System. Solar Pump System has a wide range of products like AC solar Pump, Pump inverter. The present cap of Bright Solar Ltd. is of Rs.18.46cr. which tells us that Company does not able to reach with customers so easily after a decade.

Company does not have so much of debt with them which only about 51lakh as of now. The sales growth of Bright Solar Ltd. is around 4.51%. The Promoters and founders of this Company is having around 24.73% of total shares with them. Bright Solar need to engage with more customers to get more offers and tried to make their system so clearly for clients to use which finally help them to make some profit out of their Business.

Acewin Agriteck Ltd:- If the business of Acewin Agritec Ltd is seen mainly, then with the help of scientific method, the company is related to agriculture with the help of scientific method. Many plans are seen for the future of the company’s management, which can help in increasing the agriculture farming business of different types of company. Looking at the many business plans of the company, we are getting to see a good share below Rs 10 for the future shareholder. If seen now, the share price of Acewin Agritec seems to be trading around Rs 8.50.

Risks of Investment in the stocks of Company below Rs.10

  • Share price of this Company looks very attractive to people who interested in the buying stocks without any knowledge and Information which tends them to invest their and maximum of the Time people able to get them loss in that.
  •  Prices are going to much up and down without any fundamental reason which usually happen with other stocks.

My Opinion:-

Of course, investing in below Rs10 shares can give you tremendous earnings in a short time, but you should not ignore its risk at all, As much profit as the ability to show in these stocks, with the same there is a risk of losing your entire money.Therefore, you should always invest at least money in these stocks, so that even if you lose the entire money, you should not make much difference.

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– The investment in these Penny Stocks a good Investment?

According to me, Investment in penny stocks are very high risk investments and most of the time you can’t able to make profit out of it.

– Are investment in these stocks are risky?

Yes investment in these stocks are too risky. It can make you billionaire in one out of millions deals but most of time you will be in a loss part.

– What are Penny Stocks?

According to stocks market, if the stocks price of the Company were valued below 5$ are known as penny stocks.

Hopefully after reading the post Best Stocks Under 10 Rupees in India 2022, you must have got an idea about the low priced stocks as well as the risks of investing in it. If you still have any question related to this post then don’t forget to ask in comment. You can also read our other posts for similar important information related to Share Market.

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