Multibagger stocks for the next 10 years

Multibagger stocks for the next 10 years:- Friends, every investor prefers to invest in multibagger stocks to earn good returns in the long run in the stock market, but there are very few companies in this market which appear to earn shareholder multibagger returns in the long run. Today we will talk about the 5 best companies that are working towards the future in their business, due to which the company has full potential to show tremendous growth in the business in the coming times. Let us know about these companies in detail-

Multibagger stocks for the next 10 years


If seen in the list of Multibagger stocks for the next 10 years, the first name to be seen is D’mart. Avenue Supermarts founded in 2002. Dmart is a supermarket chain that is opening its first store in Mumbai. Dmart is the largest and most profitable retailer in India. Dmart offers a wide range of products including food-based, non-food and general products. Dmart has many stores located in different regions of India. D’Mart operates its own stores. Dmart uses their distribution center and packaging center to help Dmart make them customer friendly.

Dmart is now opening their new stores in densely populated areas which gives them the opportunity to connect with a wide range of middle-class and middle-class customers. The current price of DMart shares is estimated at Rs. 4100. The current DMart market cap is estimated at Rs.265587.62cr. The developers of the Company own about 74% of the total shares currently in existence. Dmart has shown positive 16% revenue growth over the past 3 years. The company has a healthy RO% percentage of 20% from 3 years ago. The company has a healthy interest rate of 45.80. The company has dramatically reduced its debt by 37.73cr. Avenue Supermarts reported a 24% increase in the previous quarter in share price.

Tata Power:-

Tata Power is one of the subsidiaries of Tata Group. Tata Power Business provides its services in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity to consumers. The company is a leading brand of power generation in India for over a century now. Tata Power is trying to generate electricity from a renewable energy source. Tata Power launches ‘Three Mittra App’ during International Education Day.

Tata Powers is launching this app in bringing global peace and sustainable development. The current price of this stock is Rs.238.8. Current market capitalization of Tata Powers is estimated at Rs.76304.71cr. Tata Power profit growth of about 31% from the last 3 years is one of the company’s positive signs. The company has a strong Operating leverage position of 17.52. Tata Powers Company developers account for approximately 46% of the Company’s total shareholding.

Deepak Nitrite:-

Deepak Nitrite was started in 1970 with the aim of making India Chemically self-sufficient. The company produces Penol, Acetone and Iso-Propyl Alcohol. Deepak Nitrite manufactures chemical products to operate in domestic and international markets. Deepak Nitrite products have a variety of product portfolio including Basic Chemicals, Fine and Special Chemicals and Phenolic. Price rating with Earnings called Deepak Nitrite PE rating is almost 69.13 higher and compared to price. Return of goods A ROA% of 16.82 percent for Future Performance. Deepak Nitrite’s equity debt rating is zero telling us that Deepak Nitrite has a low credit rating on their assets. Deepak Nitrite has received approval from the board of directors to increase Rs.2000 cr. with the issuance of shares of the Company.

Multibagger stocks for the next 10 years

Info Edge:-

Info Edge has functions on the Internet domain. Info Edge was introduced in 1995 as Info Edge Pvt. Ltd and in 2006 the Company became a limited public company. which is an online rental platform has grown and quickly, set up benchmarks as Industrial Pioneers for others to follow. Info Edge has a business area that includes rental fields, Marriage, Housing and Housing and Education. The current price of Info Edge is approximately Rs.4518.60.

The current market for Info Edge is estimated at Rs.58192.39cr. Company has maintained an operating rate of 29.24% over the past five years. The company significantly reduced its debt by 0.38cr. The company has a healthy interest rate of 33.02. The Company’s shareholders have approximately 46 percent of the Company’s total stock market share.

Berger Paints:-

Berger Paints is one of India’s leading paint companies with an impressive record of being one of the fastest growing paint companies in the last few years. Berger Paints India is headquartered in Kolkata. Berger Paints Product includes Product Discovery, Waterproofing Solutions, Wooden Pieces, Glass Pieces and ETICS. Price rating to the Berger Earnings paint India of 92.30 which was called the highest and highest value. Return to the 14.02% Berger Paints India property identified as a bad sign of future performance.

The current rate tells us about the Company’s ability to repay its short-term liabilities with its short-term assets and now the current rate of Berger Paints India has a current rate of 1.69. The ROE% of Berger Paints India has an average of 23.08% higher and better. The company has shown a positive profit growth of 16% over the past 3 years. Company Developers own approximately 74% of the Company’s total shareholding.

Multibagger stocks for the next 10 years List

SL. No.Company NameMarket cap (in cr.)
2Tata Power77,000
3Deepak Nitrite30,000
4Info Edge56,000
5Berger Paints70,000
Multibagger stocks for the next 10 years List

Benefits of Investing in Multibagger Shares

As we all know Investment ideas are related to consistent and possible return. Multibagger shares offer you higher returns than usual on some stocks. Multibagger Stock returns are significantly higher and the Multibagger Stocks owners benefit greatly. Higher profits and profits everyone talking about the stock market was proven here. Investment in such stocks will rise to growth rates in the near future.

Rules for Investing in Multibagger Shares

Investors need to invest in multibagger stocks in small amounts that give the Investor a small pillow if the shares of that Company are not able to function properly over a period of time. An investor needs to buy those multibagger stocks when the price of those stocks drops over a period of time due to a number of factors. Investors who are willing to invest in these multibagger stocks need to invest their money in the long run to get amazing returns in the years to come.

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 Investing in Multibagger Shares (FAQ)

– Can I earn Lakhs a few months after investing in Multibagger Stocks?

Yes you can get lakhs of rupees as a return in a few months but it all depends on the value invested and the shares you have invested in.

– Can I invest Rs.100 in Multi bagger stock?

Depending on the stock price, you can invest Rs.100 in a potential multi-bagger stock.

– What should we check about stocks before investing in stocks?

Prior to investing in the shares of any Company, the Investor must assess the company’s basics, Business Vision, technical analysis, Company’s share rate and other factors.

I hope you have got an idea of ​​which companies are expected to grow in the future after reading the post in Multibagger stocks for the next 10 years. If any question related to this post is coming in your mind, then do not forget to ask in the comment. To stay updated with such important information related to the share market, definitely do not forget to stay with Market In India.

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