Penny Stocks india below 1 rupee

Penny Stocks india below 1 rupee:- Friends, today we will tell about 5 such penny stocks in the Indian market, whose value is seen less than just 1 rupee. However, in most of the Penny Stocks priced below Re 1 the Company Business and Fundamental do not look good at all.

Most of the retail investors like to invest in these Penny Stocks because of the low price, But in a short time, the risk of showing more loss is seen than the possibility of profit in these stocks.

Very few Penny Stocks are seen which give good returns to the shareholders in the long run. Therefore, for investing in penny stocks, you need to take a wise decision. Let’s know about 5 Penny Stocks, whose value is currently visible in less than 1 rupee-

Penny Stocks india below 1 rupee

Yamini Investments Company Ltd:- Mainly Yamini Investments are involved in investments like capital, loan, equity. Which once before the share price of Yamini Investments was available at Rs 66 but now the share price is seen to be trading below 1 rupee.

At present, the share price of the company is seen to be trading at around 0.96 Rupee. If we look at the market cap of Yamini Investments company, 48 crores is seen, which is a micro cap company. However, despite being such a small company, there is no debt at all on Yamini Investments, which is very good for the business of any company.

Sturdy Industries Ltd:- Sturdy Industries is also in the list of penny stocks in the Indian market, whose share price is currently seen trading below 1 rupee. Sturdy Industries manufactures many products in its business like aluminum panel, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, wire rods, bare aluminum electrical conductor, aerial bunched cables.

Due to the continuous decline in the sales of the company, its share price has also been showing a steady decline for some time now. The future of Sturdy Industries will depend on how the management manages to reduce debt on them in the coming days.

Penny Stocks india below 1 rupee

Devhari Exports (India) Ltd:- As the name of the company suggests, Devhari Exports (India) Ltd. is spread over the trading business of Goods. However, at present the company is engaged in the business of steel. At present, if we look at the share price of Devhari Exports, it is seen trading around Rs 0.72.

If we look at the market cap, then the company has only 5.35 crores, which is very small, due to which there is a lot of risk for retail investors to invest in Devhari Exports.

Penny Stocks in india

Ortel Communications Ltd:- The company is a regional cable television and broadband service provider with majority of the business spread over states like Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. At present, if we look at the share price of Ortel Communications Company, it is seen trading around Rs 1.15.

Looking at the shareholding pattern of Ortel Communications in spite of being a penny stock, the promoter has a good holding as well as the holding of FIIs and DIIs is also seen in good quantity.

Shalimar Productions Ltd:- Associated with the media and entertainment sector, Shalimar Productions is involved in the production of several regional albums and movies. If you look at the share price, it is trading around Rs 1.03.

The debt on the company is not visible that much, due to the presence of good cash reserve, Shalimar Productions can easily reduce this debt. However, if you look at this stock, you do not see much trading volume, which is going to be a bit difficult for investors to buy and sell on this stock.

Investment risk of Penny stocks

Due to the very small market cap of penny stocks, there is always a risk of price rigging, any large investor selling all their shares by driving up the share price, leaving retail investors mostly stuck on the lower circuit.

If you look at other risks, then most of the trading volume in penny stocks is very less, due to which even if you make good profits, then you may have to face difficulties due to low trading volume while selling the shares.

My Opinion:-

To increase the share price of any company, it is very important for its business to grow, most of the company’s business in penny stock is not seen on good performance at all. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to buy a fundamentally strong company for a long time without falling into the trap of such low prices.

Penny Stocks india (FAQ)

– Is It Good To Invest In Penny Stocks For Long Term?

If you want to invest in Penny Stocks for a long time, then you should look for a company that is working with the view of the future. If you invest without any hesitation, then the risk of loss is high.

– How much money is right to invest in Penny Stocks?

In Penny Stocks, you should invest as much money as you do not make much difference in case of loss.

– When not to invest in Penny Stocks?

You should never place a buy order when the company’s stock price continues to move upper circuit. If you do this then whenever you get a share you can be seen stuck on the price above.

Hope you get to know about 5 companies by reading the article Penny Stocks india below 1 rupee and get an idea of ​​the risk involved in investing in AC stocks. If you have any question related to this in your mind then do not forget to ask in comment. To stay updated with the important information related to the share market, do not forget to always stay connected with Market in India.

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