Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in india 2022

Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in India 2022- There is no doubt that the future belongs to Electric Vehicle, every company seems to be changing its business towards Electric. In the coming time, whichever company will be seen updating its business first in this new technology, it is going to see more and more benefits in the coming time.

Today we will talk about the best 5 companies which are rapidly increasing their business in electric vehicles, where big growth is expected in these companies in the coming time. Let us know about those companies in detail-

Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in india 2022

Tata Motors:- The Tata Motors company first appears in the Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in India 2022 list, which seems to be rapidly changing its business to Electric Vehicle. Tata Motors is India’s leading Indian manufacturer of Automotive Company. Company owns Joint Ventures with companies like Jaguar and Land rover. Tata Motors manufactures all kinds of vehicles from car, truck, tractor, bus etc. When it comes to electric vehicles Tata Motors operates as New Comer in the automotive industry.

Currently Tata motors are focused on the Passenger and Electric Bus market in India. When it comes to four-wheeled electric vehicles, Tata Motors offers cars like the Tiago Electric Variant. When it comes to electric buses, Tata Motors anticipates the need for provinces and the Union Government to meet the demand for electric vehicles in their area. Tata Motors has partnered with its subsidiary company in the European market namely Tata Motors European Technical Center (TMETC).

Tata Power:- Company is one of the leading power house setup Ecosystems for electric car charging in India. Tata Power sets up the first Charging Station in Mumbai and prepares them for the electric car ecosystem. Tata Power has established a Power Station Charging Station in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. Tata Powers has partnered with an oil company such as IGL, HPCL and other companies to create infrastructure for setting up charging electric vehicles. Currently Tata Powers is completing the establishment of more than 1000 electric car charging stations in India.

Amara Raja batteries:- Amara Raja is a leading manufacturer of Automobile batteries in India. Amara Raja batteries offer a wide range of batteries that can be installed on a variety of vehicles from three-wheeled wheels to trucks. Amara Raja, a Tripura-based battery-producing company based in Tripura, will be ready to invest $ 800 million to $ 1 billion to build a factory and infrastructure to upgrade the Electric Car Battery in the coming years.

The company must determine the location of the factory based on the article provided by the local government to build such factories in their respective countries. Amara Raja will find herself in the process of considering the Institute which stated that the Incentive of Rs.18000 Cr. to set up 50GWh Giga Factories. The bidding process for this Program will continue until the end of this Financial Year.

Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in india 2022

Bajaj Auto:- Comapany is India’s Leading Manufacturer of MotorCycles and Three Wheels in India. Baja Auto is one of the subsidiaries of Bajaj Group. Bajaj Auto Limited is a Company in the automotive sector native to India itself. Its headquarters is in Pune, India, and it employs about thousands of people. Speaking of Electric Vehicle features, Bajaj Auto announced an investment of the year 2021 to establish a Production Factor in Pune which is the same facility where Chetak scooter is being produced. The establishment of this Factory Production will employ about 800 people. The first car from this Manufacturing unit is expected to leave the market in June 2022.

Maruti Suzuki:- Maruti Suzuki was an Indian car company when it was founded in 2001. It was owned by the Government of India until 2003 when it was sold to Japan Automobile Company Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki Interestingly it still focuses heavily on introducing the CNG induced Vehicle. Maruti Suzuki has announced that the Company will introduce Electric Vehicles in the Country only after 2025 when the demand for electric vehicles is greatest at that time.

Currently, the demand for electric vehicles is very small. Earlier Maruti Suzuki plans to test their electric vehicles based on its Wagon R with plans to launch it by 2020 but due to a lack of support from the Government and the Infrastructure Company they have decided to postpone their launch plan to launch the Electric Car by 2025.

Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in india list

SL. NoCompany NameMarket Cap (approx in crore)
1Tata Motors170,000 cr.
2Tata Power73,000 cr.
3Amara Raja batteries10,000 cr.
4Bajaj Auto97,000 cr.
5Maruti Suzuki243,000 cr.
Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in india list

Advantages to Investor to invest in the Electric Vehicle

  • Investors need to invest in these stocks of electric vehicles as per the estimates suggest by the year 2030 these stocks will give you a healthy returns that’s why these electric Vehicle stocks will be considered as an attractive investment in the forth coming years.
  • Investors not only need to invest in the Automotive Manufacturing Company but Investors also need to invest in the stock of companies that are involved in the construction or establishment of the electric car charging station and in the development of battery-powered electric batteries. returns when demand for electric vehicles will increase next year.

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Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in India (FAQ)

– Would it be a good idea to invest in electric vehicle stocks for the future?

Of course, in view of the ever-increasing demand for electric vehicles, one should definitely think of investing in these stocks for a long time.

– How many years should be the investment outlook in electric vehicle stocks?

Your investment outlook in electric vehicle stocks should be at least 5 to 10 years.

– When is it right to buy electric vehicle stocks?

Whenever there is a declining trend in the stock, then you can think of investing in small amounts.


Hope you have got a good idea about the 5 best stocks in the Indian market through the post Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in India 2022. If you still have any question related to this post in your mind, then do not forget to tell in the comment. To stay updated with such important information related to share market, definitely stay tuned with Market in India.

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