Most Active Shares Below Rs.20

Most Active Shares Below Rs.20– Many times a small company suddenly starts increasing its business and that company starts being counted in the successful company. The share price of such a company starts rising rapidly and gives maximum profit to the shareholder. If we talk about the many active stocks of less than 20 then we first need to explain to you the penny stocks.

Penny stocks are those stocks that trade at a very low price, and have very low market capitals, and are usually listed on a smaller exchange.

In the Indian market ,we have the Best Penny stock Under 20 Rupees by 2022, then most companies appear to be trading at a stock price of 20 rs or less. But most of these companies do not look good in terms of their future, because most investors have to face huge losses due to the huge investment in these penny stocks over time.

Today we will tell you about 5 good 20 rupees shares, which is a company that operates in its business with a vision for the future, as well as slightly expanding its business, because there is great hope for the future in these companies.

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Most Active Shares Below Rs.20 list

1Orient Green Power Company Ltd936 Cr.
2Yes Bank31945 Cr.
3Suzlon Energy Ltd9078 Cr.
4Reliance Power Ltd4835 Cr.
5Urja Global Ltd950 Cr.
Most Active Shares Below Rs.20 list

Most Active Shares Below RS.20

1. Orient Green Power Company Ltd:- The puzzle on our list is penny stocks Orient Green Power Company is one of the leading companies in India to generate energy with the help of Wind Energy which is a form of renewable energy.

Orient Green Power currently has a generating capacity of about 424.63 MW. Top Management’s of Orient Green Power Company is making plans to increase it to about 1000 MW in the coming days, as a result of which there is full expectation of significant growth in the company’s business gradually.

Over the past few years, due to the company’s growing growth, promoters seem to be withdrawing their promised investments, due to Orient Green Power being seen as a good company for investors.

If you look at the price of Orient Green Power, it is currently estimated at Rs. 15, if a company appears to be growing a business according to its plan, you will also see a dramatic growth in the Company’s share price.

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2. Yes Bank:- The stock placed at number two in our list is a company linked to the banking sector, called Yes Bank, previously trading at Rs 400, now appears to be less than Rs 20. The current price of a company’s shares is almost Rs. 13.

Due to the many frauds on Yes Bank, the stock price has dropped dramatically, but now the bank’s performance is showing a gradual improvement.

With the new management taking over the Bank, the performance of Yes Bank looks very good due to the many good decisions.

Looking at the last few quarterly results, the bank has seen excellent growth and results in terms of finance and other factors.In the years to come, if the bank seems to be delivering the same positive results, surely the Bank will certainly prove to be a very good investment with a share price of less than rs 20.

Most Active Shares Below Rs.20

3. Suzlon Energy Ltd:- The share of the third number is  Suzlon Energy is very focused on generating energy with the help of wind turbines, the Suzlon Energy business is also very widespread in producing related components.

Looking at the Clean Energy business, Suzlon Energy has managed to establish itself as a strong company in India and around the world. The market capital  of this company is 9078 crores.

For several years due to the growing demand for Clean Energy over the long term, the company’s revenue has also shown a positive increase, as a result of which the company appears to be reducing its debt.
As we see now, the current share price of Suzlon Energy is reflected in Rs 11, if revenue growth appears to be the same. then there is the prospect of a major jump in the Suzlon Energy share which is definitely seen in the coming days.

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4. Reliance Power Ltd:- The company which is counted in the successful company of one time, which comes in panny stock today is Reliance Power, which was on the brink of collapse a few years ago, is now slowly showing the company’s business is recovering well.

In the energy sector, Reliance Power is working on many major projects in Renewable Energy. Because of this, there is a lot of hope for this company in the future.

From now on, Reliance Power seems to be gradually reducing its debt and consolidating its holdings, with management making a comprehensive plan that in the next few years, debt to it will appear to be declining sharply.

As the debt burden on Reliance Power appears to be declining, you will see rapid growth in business as well. If you look at the current share price of Reliance Power at the moment, it seems to be estimated at Rs 16, which is reflected in the excellent price. The market capital of this company is 4835 Cr.

5. Urja Global Ltd:- The first word that comes to our mind when we talk about parts of renewable energy is Urja Global Ltd.

The company’s business is growing rapidly in the Renewable Energy segment. Urja Global is currently working on a number of major development projects for its renewable energy sector.As a result of making these great projects the company has some hope of showing good performance in the coming years.

In line with this, Urja Global has also partnered with the Government of India to increase its share of power expeditiously, due to the fact that the company sees many projects from time to time.

The great thing about Urja Global is that the company has very little debt, because the company can easily grow its business in the future. As of now, the current share price of Urja Global appears to be trading at around Rs.18.

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Investment risks in Penny shares which is below 20

1. So much mistrust in business:-

It has often been seen that a business is not seen as strong, because in the event that you get to see a little trouble in the business. There is a high probability of a sharp fall in stock prices.

2. The risk of buying at a higher price:-

Most investors place their order at the top after seeing an increase in the number of shares in these stocks, because whenever an investor receives shares, then the purchase price will appear to be much higher. Because of this, investments often seem to be stuck with buying these shares at high prices.

3. Risk of fraud in share price:-

The biggest risk is seen in shares of less than Rs 20, then because of the very low market for these companies, any major investor can benefit from any news and raise the share price evenly or there is a risk of a downturn, as a result investors may have to face great losses.

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I hope that after reading our article on Most Active Shares Below Rs.20 , you must have got a good idea about 10 companies who keep monopoly in their business. If you still have any question related to this article then don’t forget to ask in comment. To stay updated with such important information related to the share market, do not forget to stay with Market in India.

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