Upcoming IPO in India 2022

Upcoming IPO in India 2022- If seen last year, IPOs of many big companies were seen coming in the market one after the other in the Indian stock market. Even in 2022, many Indian companies seem to be making full preparations to be listed in the stock market. So far, more than 25 companies have got approval to list in the Indian stock market in 2022 and there are many other big companies which are still to be approved.

Today we will talk about all the companies that you are going to see listed in the Indian market in the year 2022, and will also try to know the complete details of the IPO in detail. Let us know in detail about the companies to be listed in 2022-

Upcoming IPO in India 2022


Upcoming IPO in India 2022 list is going to be the biggest IPO of LIC in Indian stock market. LIC which is an Indian Insurance and Corporation Company who comes under the Ownership of ministry of Finance under Government of India. LIC will plan to come their IPO in the month of January in the year 2022 in which they try to open their shares for investors to invest. LIC plans to Release their 5-10% of total shares through IPO. 10% total shares were reserved for policy holders and remaining percentage of shares could be invested by other investors. LIC will try to come with the IPO sizes of Rs.70,000 cr.


Swiggy is the one of the india’s leading online site to deliver food to your doorstep with the help of your thumb. Swiggy will plans to take its IPO in the market for the investor to invest in their Company before the end of the year 2022. Swiggy follows the same path as their Competitors Zomato who comes with their IPO in the Year 2021. Swiggy tries to make their footstep not only in the Food delivery Business but also in grocery delivery which help them to reach with more number of Customers. Swiggy tries to raise fund of around Rs.9345 cr. through their IPO.


Ola is an Indian Multinational Company who provides their services through rides wherever Customers want to go with an option of different types of Vehicles. Ola was established around year 2010 and presently it is an Indian Largest ride sharing Company with a daily customer base of around two lakh peoples. Ola Plans to come with their IPO in the market at the end of first half of year 2022. Ola will try to raises fund to develop their infrastructure more suitable to their Customers. Ola will try to come with the IPO sizes of around Rs.15000 cr.


PharmEasy is an Indian site or app from where customers will able to access their healthcare and pharmaceutical needs within the Comfort of their Home. PharmEasy were established around year 2015 and their headquartered is located in Mumbai. PharmEasy plans to come with their IPO in the same Year 2022. PharmEasy want to enhance their Infrastructure and services for customers. PharmEasy will try to make around Rs.6250 cr. with their IPO.


BYJU’S is an Indian Multinational Company who provides their services in Educational Technology Business. BYJU’S were set up around year 2011. BYJU’S were not only tries to large their foot step. BYJU’S invested in some well famous Institute of educational field Aakash. BYJU’S will plans to come the IPO sized of around Rs. 4500 Cr. BYJU’S also try to make their subsidiaries Company like Grade up.


Mobikwik is an Indian Company who provides customers a platform to receive and send their money with the help of their mobile phones. Mobikwik were founded in year 2009 and Mobikwik headquartered in Haryana. Mobikwik have a customer base of 55 million customers. Firstly Mobikwik Plans to come with their IPO at the end of year 2021 but latterly they postponed it and then decided to come with their IPO in the first trimester of year 2022. Mobikwik plans to raises around Rs.1900 cr.

Go Airlines:-

Go Airlines are the fifth largest airlines in India which owned by Wadia Group. Go Airlines were founded in year 2005 and headquartered in Mumbai. Go Airlines has 10% of passenger market share with them. Go Airlines provides their services at very low cost to their customers. Go Airlines will try to make their IPO visible in the market to reduce their debt like fuels and other types of aircraft rentals. Go Airlines plans to make Rs.3600 cr. through their released IPO.

Fincare Small Finance Bank:-

Fincare Small Finance Bank are the small Finance Bank who primary provides their services to small businessman or small or marginal farmers to get loan at very low rates. Fincare Bank provides all the types of basic services to their customers. Fincare small Finance Bank was established in year 2017. Fincare Small Finance Bank tries to improve their infrastructure for their customer base. Fincare Small Finance Bank tries to raises around Rs.1330cr. through their IPO.

Upcoming IPO in India 2022

Upcoming IPO in 2022

Bajaj Energy:-

Bajaj Energy is an Indian Company who provides their services through providing power to the people of Uttar Pradesh. Bajaj Energy is a privately owned Power producing Company through thermal source of Energy. Bajaj Energy is the part of parent Organizations Bajaj Hindusthan. Bajaj Energy intended to come and will target to raises around Rs.5450cr. through their released IPO in the market till the end of the year 2022.


Ixigo is an Artificial Intelligence based site who provides customers their services in the travelling process. Ixigo launched in the year 2007 by Rajnish Kumar. Presently Ixigo has a customer based of around 170 million peoples. Ixigo helps customers to provide their information related to their travelling process by ticket booking to hotel availability around the Location. Ixigo want to enhance their services to make their customer life more reliable to that site. Ixigo will try to raise Rs.1600 cr. through their IPO to enhance their infrastructures.


Reliance JIO is an Indian Telecommunications Company which changes customer whole experience from the day it was established in year 2016. The founder of JIO is one of the billionaire of India that is Mukesh Ambani and headquartered in Mumbai. Reliance Industry wants to list JIO as separate from their other shares stock in market.  The exact amount that JIO want to raise from IPO are not decided till now but JIO likely to release their IPO in the first half of year 2022.


An NSE in India’s leading exchange is preparing to be listed in the stock market soon. There is a company in the second largest exchange after BSE and any other company entering this business segment is absolutely negligible. As soon as SEBI is seen giving permission to NSE IPO to be listed in the share market, then there are going to be big opportunities for the investors. If the issue size of NSE IPO is seen, then 10000 crores is going to be seen.

Upcoming IPO in India 2022 List

Company NameIssue Size (in crore)IPO Listing Date
LIC70,000Coming soon
Swiggy9345Coming soon
OLA7300Coming soon
PharmEasy6250Coming soon
BYJU’S4500Coming soon
Mobikwik1900Coming soon
Go Airlines3600Coming soon
Fincare Small Finance Bank1330Coming soon
Bajaj Energy5450Coming soon
Ixigo1600Coming soon
JION/AComing soon
NSE10,000Coming soon
Upcoming IPO in India 2022 List

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