Best mutual funds to invest in 2022 India for long term

Best mutual funds to invest in 2022 India for long term– Every investor must some percentage of their investment amount in mutual funds, if you invest all your money in the stock market itself, then it gives a little more risk to your investment amount. Therefore, you should always invest in good mutual funds to stay risk-averse.

Friends, so today we are going to tell about 5 Mutual Funds of Indian market with good growth, where investing gives you full potential to show good returns in the long run. Let us know in detail about these mutual funds-

Best mutual funds to invest in 2022

Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund- If seen in the Indian market’s best mutual funds to invest in 2022, then Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund of Large and Mid cap category is the first to be seen. Every year Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund has given very good returns to the investors, talking about the last three years, almost the fund has managed to show CAGR returns up to 22 percent.

If we look at the Expense Ratio in this fund, then 0.62 percent is seen, which is very less than the proportion of this fund, due to which the investors will be seen getting a little more profit. If seen now, the fund manager of Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund is Harsha Upadhyaya, who has about 23 years of fund management experience. Due to the good long-term experience of the fund manager, there is every hope of maintaining good growth in this mutual fund in the coming years as well..You can start investing in this fund through SIP with even Rs.1000.

Parag Parikh Flexicap Fund- Within this mutual fund, the fund manager invests his fund in every category according to his own wish. Along with that, in Parag Parikh Flexicap Fund, you get to see about 30 percent fund allocation in global stocks, due to which investors also get some global exposure in this fund.

If you do not wish to take a stand-alone Global Fund, then Parag Parikh Flexicap Fund should be the best option for you. Although if seen, the expense ratio inside this fund is seen at 0.82 percent, which was seen even more earlier, but as the AUM was seen increasing every year, the expense ratio of the fund also decreased accordingly.

Axis smallcap fund- These mutual funds in the smallcap category invest in stocks of companies with small market cap of the stock market, due to which the potential of this fund to give better returns, as well as the risk is also slightly higher than the rest of the fund.

If you look at the record of returns of Axis smallcap fund for the last few years, it has given very good returns to investors by earning. The stock selection of the fund manager of Axis smallcap fund is very good, due to which this fund has been seen earning good returns to the investors for a long time. In smallcap funds, where the fund manager gets the most effort, it is a very good thing to have an Expense Ratio 0.37 percent.

Best mutual funds to invest in 2022 India for long term

Best mutual funds to invest in 2022 India for long term

ICICI Prudential Technology Fund- Best mutual funds to invest in 2022 In India, these mutual funds of technology segment are the best option to invest in the long term. As India continues to grow more rapidly in technology, due to which mutual funds investing in these technology stocks are also seeing a big boom.

ICICI Prudential Technology Fund has given more than 35% CAGR returns to investors in the last three years, which is very good returns. In the case of Expense Ratio, 0.76 percent is seen, which looks fine. If you are thinking of investing in a fast growing technology fund, then ICICI Prudential Technology Fund must be in your sight.

Axis Bluechip Fund- Being a mutual fund of large cap category, the risk of investors inside this fund is low and the returns are also going to be good. Axis Bluechip Fund has given investors a CAGR of around 22 per cent in the last 3 years, which is quite a good return for a large cap fund. Looking at the expense ratio of the fund, it is 0.47 per cent.

The Fund Manager of Axis Bluechip Fund is Shreyash Devalkar, who has an experience of over 14 years. If you are planning to invest in good mutual funds for a long time, then Axis Bluechip Fund can be a good choice, which you can invest through SIP even from Rs.500.

Rules for investing in best mutual funds

  • Investing through SIP- The best rule of investing in mutual funds is that you should always invest a fixed amount every month at a fixed time instead of investing a lot of amount at once. By doing this, you can also take good advantage of the decline of the market, due to which you will earn good profits.
  • Lump Sum Investing In Decline- In order to earn good returns in mutual funds, whenever the market shows improvement, you should continue with SIP and invest a small amount in lump sum as well, due to which when the market will see recovery then you are going to make good profits.
  • long term investment- No matter how many ups and downs are seen in the market, if you want to earn good returns from mutual funds, then it is very important for you to have a long view. You need to invest for 4 to 5 years at least for good returns from Mutual Funds.

Benefits of investing in best mutual funds

  • Good stable returns against inflation- The biggest advantage of investing in good mutual funds is that every year due to rising inflation, the value of money kept in the bank is decreasing, if you invest in good mutual funds then your money is going to give good returns against inflation.
  • Risk Reduction- Investing in mutual funds is much less risky than in the stock market, as the fund manager of the mutual fund is highly experienced as well as diversifies the fund into the stocks of many companies, thereby reducing the risk of losses.

My Opinion-

There is no doubt that Mutual Funds are a good way to earn money from your money, if you follow the rules of the mentioned fund and investment properly then you will definitely see the profit in the coming time. But keep in mind that mutual funds come with good returns as well as some risk, so do not forget to research the fund yourself before investing.

Best mutual funds to invest (FAQ)

– Is it right to invest in Mutual Funds along with Share Market?

Yes, of course, along with investing in the share market, you must also invest in mutual funds, this will show a risk balance in your portfolio.

– Is it right to invest in SIP or Lumpsum to invest in Mutual Funds?

To invest in mutual funds, it would be right to invest through SIP only.

I hope that after reading the post Best mutual funds to invest in 2022 India for long term, along with getting good mutual funds, you must have understood well about the right way to invest. If you have any question related to this post then don’t forget to ask in comment. Stay tuned with Market In India for important updates related to share market.

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