Cartrade share price target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 Future Prediction

Cartrade share price target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030- Friends, today we are going to talk about an online automobile platform where all types of bikes and vehicles, whether new or used, are bought and sold. However, since Cartrade has been listed on the market, the company’s stock price has not seen significant performance. Where Cartrade’s performance can be seen going in the coming years, today we will analyze it and try to know more about the company. Let us analyze in detail-

Cartrade Share Price Target 2022

Cartrade is a group of small companies that help buy and sell customer cars in their own way in an efficient way. Cartrade operates their business with the names of companies such as CarWale, BikeWale, Shriram Automall and the numbers of other small companies such as those. The company uses the data available online to customize their customers which provides the best location for them. In the years to come, Cartrade tries to integrate into the business of providing car loans to customers and tries to insure at a price that works best for their existing customers.

Here we try to analyze two predictable Cartrade stock which the Company can achieve in about 2022. The initial target price is estimated at Rs 940. And the second target predicted in the same year is approximately Rs 1000.

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Cartrade Share Price Target 2023

One of the best things investors can look for is to see if the Company has any debts with the Company or not. Cartrade has almost no debt or liabilities as of now. Cartrade profit growth is reported to have improved by approximately 679.24% since its last reported profit growth. Profit growth in the recent year is estimated at Rs.79.41cr. which is Rs.10.19cr. last year. New Government Policy Now helpful for Companies which help them to raise Profit In Upcoming Years.

In this section of the article, we try to predict two achievable targets of Cartrade shares that the Company will be able to acquire in about 2023. The first predicted which company might receive it for about Rs 1190. And the second predicted target for the same share the Company is able to acquire is approximately Rs 1240.

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Cartrade Share Price Target 2024

The percentage of shares held by the Company’s top promoters is zero. The percentage of the shares is disrupted as Public Investors has approximately 75.79% of the Company’s total shares and Fll and Dll Combinely has approximately 24% of the remaining shares of the Company’s existing stock market. Cartrade has approximately 3 offices located in three different States to conduct their Code of Conduct effectively.

The first possible share price target of a Cartrade in 2024 is approximately Rs 1400. And the second possible target for the same company by 2024 is approximately Rs 1450.

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Cartrade share price target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Cartrade Share Price Target 2025

The ROE% of Cartrade is currently very poor and is about 5.73%. ROE% is an important factor that Auto Companies need to work on because Auto Industries needs to work with Equity Investments to build their products for Customers. At the moment Cartrade is virtually debt-free because we as professionals cannot analyze the Credit rating to the Company’s equity. Cartrade needs to take credit for doing research to grow their customer base in the years to come.

In 2025 we are trying to predict the two most possible achievable target for the share of Cartrade. Cartrade first targeted stock price target for 2025 is approximately Rs1620. And the second predicted  target the Company can achieve by 2025 is about Rs 1700.

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Cartrade Share Price Target 2030

The current PE ratio of Cartrade is estimated at 50.62 which is almost 0 when we calculate the Cartrade PE average ratio from 5 years. The PE ratio tells us about the interest of an investor who is willing to pay to get one rupee. The company’s PE rating has increased dramatically telling Investor Interest to invest in the Company’s shares.

In this section of the article, we try to share two share price target that can be achieved in Cartrade shares which the Company has been able to acquire up to the end of this decade. The first share price target for Cartrade about Rs 3300. And the second target price of the same share at the end of this decade is about Rs 3400.

Cartrade share price target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 Table

YearCartrade share price target
2022 First TargetRs 940
2022 Second TargetRs 1000
2023 First TargetRs 1190
2023 Second TargetRs 1240
2024 First TargetRs 1400
2024 Second TargetRs 1450
2025 First TargetRs 1620
2025 Second TargetRs 1700
2030 First TargetRs 3300
2030 Second TargetRs 3400
Cartrade share price target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 Table

The Future prospectus of Cartrade share

Cartrade wants to invest an estimated Rs.750cr. in other companies so that their Company can be significantly strengthened in the automotive sector. The company wants to invest some of its money in research-based projects to come up with new products and technology based on their customers. Cartrade wants to invest some of its money in making or enhancing the digital journey of buying and selling cars through thumb. Cartrade will develop some of the basic insurance products for its existing products at a very low cost.

Risk of Cartrade share

  • The company has a Rate of Equity of almost 0% from the last 3 years which needs to be increased as Cartrade operates in the automotive industry.
  • Cartrade has a poor 0% ROCE from the past 3 years which also needs to be improved in the coming years to strengthen their market position.
  • The Company’s developers own 0% stake in the Company. 75% of the total shares are in the hands of Public Investor Itself because of these investment ratio Company needs to look at the Investor before taking about any decision that will be a Path breaker for them.

Cartrade investment Is Good  Buy Or Not

After analyzing all the important parameters of Cartrade share. We as Experts tell you what you can do if you as an investor want to invest in the Company’s shares. The company needs to raise extra money to create new products for its existing customers and to help them reach a large number of new customers. The short-term trend  of the Company is upward but I would suggest that you should invest in Company shares in the form of  long term investments. Long-term investments in the Company’s shares usually give you an average return of 15-20% over the next 5 years if everything is still the same in the Company’s position in the market.

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Cartrade share price target (FAQ)

– Will Cartrade share be correct in future terms?

Looking at the long-term perspective, the potential for big growth in the company’s business is a little less visible, the future of the company is going to depend on what kind of decisions the management takes to increase its business in the coming days.

– What is the name of the CEO of Cartrade company?

Vinay Sanghi is currently the CEO of Cartrade Company.

– Is Cartrade Debt Free Company?

Yes, there is negligible debt on Cartrade.

I hope you have got an idea of ​​how the company is going to show its performance in the coming years after reading the post Cartrade share price target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030. If you still have any doubts related to this post, then do not forget to ask in the comments. Do not forget to stay with Market in India for detailed information about such stocks related to the stock market.

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